Airbnb And Tesla Team Up To Provide Easier Road Trips For Model S Owners

Tesla spent millions of dollars in its new innovation of superchargers providing nearly 500 stations for charging. The idea behind this innovation is to provide stress free and long travel feasible for all the owners of electric ModelS.

Finally, the super company team up with home rental company Airbnb providing stations for charging to select a host’s home.This is a brilliant idea of Airbnb that makes road trips easier for Model S owners. The partnership focus on Airbnb homes of California and expands further. These home charging stations were installed in only 12 houses, but both of the companies focus to expand the number through targeted campaigns.

One of the Airbnb hosts who list an entire home got more than five bookings and gets an average rating of 4+, considered to be eligible for getting a free Tesla supercharger, which costs 750 dollars, but the installation charge must be paid by the host which ranges from 200 to 900 dollars depending on the home layout.
Tesla will choose the properties from a list of applicants who meets the same criteria. Tesla’s owners are expected to pay nearly 10 dollars for a night’s charge. This partnership brings out the advantage of using electric cars and lakhs of Plug-in vehicles were sold in the United States in the year 2014.

Airbnb shows a positive sign of growth in Paris

Airbnb is the largest hotel distribution network in the world and it poses a severe threat to the traditional hotels.The firm was found by Brian Chesky in 2008 and it has been a huge hit ever since then, kudos to the team! Airbnb is very famous in European countries because they are the hottest tourists’destinations.France’s capital Paris has got beautiful tourists spots that attract thousands of tourists around the world and let us not forget about the Eiffel Tower, beauty! Many hotels from Airbnb’s listings on Paris region give a tough competition to the so called “traditional hotels”.
The hotels from the listing cost only few Euros and the traditional hotels are not any cheaper than Airbnb’s offerings. Lately, people are showing interest towards the house sharing website due to its cheaper rates and comfortable service. The beautiful cities of Paris have got a large number of hotels from Airbnb than traditional hotels. The company is also looking to expand the network by adding more hotels to the listings. After the recent Paris attack, the government has changed its opinions about Airbnb because of its help towards the stranded travelers. Also, Airbnb is way ahead in the competition due to its large inventories and the private hotels must catch up with it.
Paris seems to be doing good and happy with Airbnb because many users return back to Airbnb after their first experiences and it’s time to bid farewell to the traditional hotels!

The Short Stay Services Interrupts Airbnb In Asia

The Short term home rental services that start in Asia with new feature disrupt its super hero rival Airbnb.
Here are the top four rivals of Airbnb:
Homeaway has completely acquired Travelmob, a social networking website for accomodation and home rentals focussing on the Asia pacific region.
The sixty three percent of U.S. Company’s acquisition of Travelmob was its first attack in Asia and now it is proceeding further with its expansion of new 14 websites across Indonesia, China, India, Japan, Korea and various Asian markets. As part of the extension Travelmob has now changed the image of Homeaway with its website directing to the parent companies.
Homeaway which launched in more than 190 countries are operating with forty websites in 22 languages was slow during its launch, but it is increasing its service in Asia.
Tijia serves Chinese travellers having the properties inside or outside China. It has more than 3 lakh of listings across 135 countries which also provide services to the hosts.
Getting into someone’s home is really a weird thing.Most of the people doesn’t have interest in stepping into someone’s house, so Roomorama brings out the idea to give accommodation in professionally managed platform similar to apartments.Roomorama is having a highly safe payment system.
BnB hero:
This is a South Korean company having more than 5000 properties listed on its site. It is now working to impress hosts so that it can form a private accommodation belt.

Airbnb To Scale In Cuba

Omar Fonseca the travel agency in Cuba was stunned after getting a surprise call from Airbnb asking for a meeting with him.For the past years he was doing a business similar to Airbnb in Cuba,where the residents are refusing from using private internet access. His company is connected with casas particulares,private houses rented by the travellers through the internet.He does the business by posting the images of the houses on websites,communicates with foreigners and request home from house owners through telephone,so he is very familiar with Airbnb business type.

In a place like Cuba,where there is no internet facility to book for a rental using the Airbnb, people require the support of phone or some other SMS based apps to make a booking.Unlike other places, Cuba already has a licensed industry that depends on many private houses to rent out rooms to travellers who come to see the beauty of the island.Most of the houses in Cuba find their clients through telephonic interactions and those who refer tourists to those private houses will be getting a business license.Forensa changed the procedure, as he started to find his clients by having a relationship with foreign travel agencies and through online.

Airbnb can improve its business if he got fewer people like Omar Forensa.Out of 1000 houses listed on Airbnb websites, 100 of them were from Forensa and partners.Airbnb will not pay him but he gets the commission from each house he book through Airbnb. He delivers the payment through cash to the clients.